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Pre-Transaction Management

It’s always about making money, but it’s not only about making money. There’s a lot to consider when buying or selling a business and advance planning pays off, figuratively and literally. From clarifying your transaction priorities, to mapping strategies that maximize deal value, and surfacing risks that could derail your plans, pre-transaction planning is an essential part of getting the results you’re after.

With this in mind, the sooner we get involved, the better.

For Sellers
Scherer Partners helps business owners identify what’s most important when they think about selling, whether it’s their legacy, their employees, cash at closing, timing, or other priorities. And we bring the objectivity and expertise required to effectively take stock of and optimize your operation before it goes to market. Effective pre-transaction planning sets the stage for a better buyer fit, a smoother due diligence process, and a higher-value sale.

The CIM provides an in-depth description of your company and operations, as well as historic and projected financial data, to help potential buyers decide whether your business fits their investment strategy.

For Buyers
We work with investors, corporations, and private equity firms to identify their purchase motivations and priorities, gauge financial readiness, and develop an acquisition strategy that includes ideal target profile and timing to reach their objectives. We also prepare buy-side clients for the rigor of due diligence and the demands of post-deal integration.

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